Stolen just sent through this info about some new pegs:

“Troy Merkle, Morgan Long, Jake Seeley etc. are testing these new Thermalite pegs. We will give you more news as we have it!

Features: Thermalite peg with alloy back plate & movable anti-spin post, Steel inner plate for strength. Fits 14mm axles and includes and adapter to fit 3/8″ axles.

Dimensions: Length: 100mm, Diameter: 40mm, Thickness: 5.80mm

Weight: 3.0oz. (85g) each

Delivery: Late Summer 09 “

Whataya think? To be honest I think that the Plegs were a big let-down for most people. And then Snafu tried to put out a plastic peg but instead McGoo just ended up sucking one like a big hairy black dick. Perhaps these pegs will change all that.

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