Ralph’s another one of my childhood riding heroes. His part in DQYDJ was revolutionary. Tons of opposite shit, wild moves down rails and he wasn’t scared to wear knee pads on the outside of his jeans. I recently got the chance to meet and ride with him and he was every bit as cool as I figured he’d be when I was a kid. He says he isn’t 100% sure if he was the first to do all of these moves so if you take issue with any of these hit me up on the messageboard.

1.The over crook grind.

I am pretty sure it was a nice day. Same type era that George D. was talkin about with Jeff and Bob filmin for DQYDJ. Everybody was sessioning the peako rails real quick before we got the boot. I really don’t remember what happened to well, but I think I was smithing it and the back wheel kicked over the other side of the rail. I figured I might as well kick it over a little more. I think the one in DQJDJ my foot blew off. It wasn’t any great locked in one.

2.The overtooth

That first went down on these local rails that are real good but have a down hill runway. One night i was over there just getting killed and figured I would just try an overtooth for the hell of it. I was thinking about trying it, but it was a pretty short steep rail and it was tough to judge speed with the run up. I think the first one went pretty well but i clipped the stairs. I was real psyched and think I got back up that got killed a bunch more times. I like that trick though.

3.Overtooth hanger

I was out with Lugo, Z, Will Taubin, and somebody else riding around mid-town. We were out riding for a while and i totally destroyed my bike. I jumped on Lugo’s woop and started to session these rails. Z was filming me for a props interview and i was hyped up and real focused. I just pedaled at it and did a nose wheelie on the front peg down it. I think the first one was pretty good and the second one went even better. I don’t even remember getting killed too bad that night.

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