I was considering writing a full detailed report about the recent 50 Cent/Rick Ross feud, but that’s going to take a while. So here’s some other BMX beef for you to dig into. The stars of the show are DK team manager and professional internet beef artist, Catfish and a guy named Pat whose name on BMXBoard is “sXebmx”.

First this dude whose named on BMXBoard is sXeBMX prank called Catfish a bunch of times and told him he was kicked out of BMX (I don’t have a link to those phone calls because unfortunately you still can’t link to things that didn’t happen on the internet). Then Catfish made this thread on BMXBoard making fun of sXeBMX and accusing him of being gay. He also accused him of looking like Ferris Bueller which is pretty funny even if it’s not really that accurate. When you’re accusing someone of looking like someone, it usually doesn’t really matter if they look like that person, so much as if the person you’re comparing to them is funny in some way. Like if I told someone they look like Nick Cannon, that’s not really that funny. But comparing anyone to fictional 18 year old high school student from a cheesy 80′s movie is at least sort of funny by default.

Then sXebmx accused Catfish of being gay, or at least sort of weird for looking at his Myspace, even though looking at the Myspace of someone who keeps prank calling you is a pretty normal reaction I’d say.

Then Catfish linked to another really gay photo of sXebmx and then pulled a McGoo and called him gay for wearing a helmet at the trails.

Then sXeBMX responded and kind of almost acted like he really is gay to sort of say “fuck it man, I don’t care about this argument, I’ll just pretend I’m gay”.

Then Catfish posted a blog on his site where he accused sXeBMX of being a member of NAMBLA, which is basically a more specific version of the “you’re gay” jokes that have been going back and forth except that now Catfish is claiming that sXe is not only gay, but gay with little boys (so much so that he joined a group dedicated to the cause). He then implied that Jamie Bestwick thinks sXe is ugly or funny looking in some way. Also in this blog I realized that Catfish was accusing sXe of looking like Cameron from Ferris Bueller which is still pretty inaccurate, although possibly more accurate than the Ferris comparison I thought he was going for initially.

Then sXe replied on his site, Fuck BMX basically saying that really, Catfish is the one who is gay because he has an unicorn tattoo. He then states that Catfish is a bad dresser and is short.

So that takes us up to right now. I know you’re dying to know, what do I think? Here’s what I think. First off, prank calls are dumb. I mean they can be funny if well done, but calling someone and telling them they’re kicked out of BMX isn’t really funny and doing it over and over, especially when drunk was probably pretty annoying for Catfish so I can’t really blame him for making the thread.

BUT… Catfish still shouldn’t have made the thread. Like it or not, Catfish is a big deal in BMX. He is on TV, works for a big name bike company, travels all over the place and presumably makes a lot of money off of the sport; so why care so much about a kid nobody has ever heard of prank calling you? The hate is an inevitable part of doing well at anything, especially given Catfish’s zany personality. When someone prank calls me or slams me in the comments, I don’t look them up on Myspace or call them out online (I mean I have a couple times but it’s usually some raver kid from Ohio which just leaves me confused), I just let it go and keep it moving. You’ve already kind of lost the battle just by acknowledging the guy when you should have just ignored him.

Oh and you’re both gay.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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